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I am an Air Pod killer...

An electronics killer that is…. I have a bad habit of trying to kill my electronics with liquids. I cannot tell you how many times I have dropped my cell phones into the dog water bowl. I think it may have also taken

Air pods in rice
Air pods in rice

a dive into the bath tub when the kids were little. I dumped a glass of wine into the keyboard of my brand-new laptop.

My latest attempted electronic death may be the worst yet. I like to wear one Air pod while riding my mountain bike, the music helps to get me in a groove. The case and the other Air pod went into my pants pocket. When I got done riding the pair were put back into their case and into the pants pocket they went. Several days go by completely forgetting they were in that pocket until I pulled the pants out of the dryer only to find the Air pods still in that pocket. I washed and dried them. I opened the case up and pulled them out to only hear a very sad beeping noise coming out of them. I was so upset with myself, I knew I killed them, they were dead, never to work again. I was getting very dramatic over this event. Of course I googled, can I save my air pods after being washed and dried? My husband convinced me to put them into a bag of rice and to not touch them for at least a week. Rice has always worked to dry out my electronics in the past.

In the meantime, my hubby was trusting enough to lend me his Air pods, since he does not use them that often. A week later, I opened the bag of rice and flipped open their case, no beeping noise was heard. We took a chance and plugged them in to charge. To my surprise, they charged, waited another day before trying them out. I finally got up the courage to connect them via Bluetooth to see if they worked. SURPRISINGLY, they played! It had to have been the magic rice that saved the Air Pods.

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