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Welcoming the Holidays

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

There is nothing better than a hand made wreath hanging on your front door to welcome guests over the holidays. Whether you buy one already made or you make one yourself, it is a great way to welcome in the season. This is the second year that I have taken trimmings from our Christmas tree and foraged around the property to make a one of a kind statement wreath for our front door. Unfortunately, it will not be welcoming guests this year, but my family and I will enjoy it well after Christmas has passed. I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you about how easily this wreath can come together.

For my wreath I gathered some Lavender, Holly, Boxwood, Leyland Cypress and some Vinca Vine along with some cuttings from a few other lovely shrubs.

After foraging around the property, I went gathering all of my supplies. This may have been harder than gathering the greenery. My supplies included gloves, to keep your hands from getting sticky and cut up from the greenery, clippers, a metal wreath frame (purchased at a local craft store), binding wire, and your favorite ribbon, if you would like to add some color.

I started putting together small to medium size combinations of the greenery using the binding wire to secure them together. Think of a larger size boutonniere when making these wired bundles. I was laying the greenery sprays into the wreath form to ensure that I had enough. Once I had the appropriate number of sprays (about 12), I used the binding wire to wire them to the frame.

After all the sprays are wired securely to the frame, you will want to fluff them to cover up the metal wreath frame. After I was done fluffing the wreath, I added a red bow. I love using wire ribbon because it holds it shape.

You can add dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks and anything else your heart desires. Then enjoy throughout the winter season!

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